How to fund your PhD with a scholarship

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Becoming a doctoral candidate has never been on my agenda. Right now, I can’t wait to become employed instead of being a long-term student any longer. A PhD seemed out of my reach, because I thought it would not be financially manageable for me. The Research in Europe event has however brought attention to some scholarship and funding opportunities for PhDs in Europe.

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Three things anyone can learn about Research Methods

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In advertisement, we often hear slogans like “80% of testers recommend this product”. But do they really? In political trend studies, we hear which parties would be elected into parliament, if people could vote next Sunday. But would the anticipated result really come true? How can we evaluate such numbers and make sense of such empirical data?

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My Virtual Mind Palace

Welcome to my new blog about all things science, politics, and studying! For quite some time now, I have searched for an outlet for these topics, as well as my own experience with boosters for productivity, study tips, and co-working. The biggest problem when it comes to blogging is that there are certain niches you need to post about, otherwise you will not again see through the mess ─ and search engines won’t, either. As a person who is, and always has been, interested in the widest range of topics and activities, I have now finally created a new small space for another side of my life.

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