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Is it as easy as the title suggests? “Study with me” is a video or live stream format. There, people invite you to watch and study or work along while they do their own studying. Some streamers prefer to add some music. Others will do their work completely silent to allow you to listen to your own music instead. As Covid-19 is putting us under physical (social) distancing, I really miss the study and coffee dates. So I thought, why not add some awkwardness and put a Study With Me server out there?

I’m currently in the middle (or rather last third) of the processing period of my master’s thesis. There sure is an increasing level of panic due to the deadline. Having to do the statistics on my own (with no reaffirmation, I mean) doesn’t make it easier. Yet, it particularly becomes harder for me to stay focused because of the lack of social interaction. I figured I am a person who really needs the change of scenery to get the work done. I used to go to the institute where I work as a research assistant or to the library. With peers, I best studied together at different coffee shops.

Study With Me videos and online meeting places

So, what do during Covid-19? I have watched motivational videos before, learning about studying techniques and habits. But not so long ago, I watched a Study With Me (SWM) video for the first time. Having done a research project about interpassivity, I often think that SWM videos are an interpassive format. You are watching a person studying or working on their computer instead of doing it yourself. But of course, the purpose of the videos is for you to finally get it done! Whatever it is you’re procrastinating on…

Long story short, I created a Study With Me discord server. It’s for anyone to join who is looking for a substitute to study, coffee or library dates. This server is supposed to be a safe space for all of those out there looking for some company. Either while studying or (finally) attempting to do the stuff on their to-do-lists. As of now, everyone is welcome! The good thing about a server is that you can interact with anyone who is online. You don’t have to wait for a meeting to begin.

Live streams are a little bit different. It is nicest if you’re watching live instead of a recorded stream. But anyways, I tried to do a SWM live stream. It is recorded so that you can watch it later, here. In case the video is no longer available, consider following me here in case you want to see future SWM streams.

Helpful atmospheres

In case you don’t want to join yourself, this post might give you some ideas on how to motivate yourself. As well as what you can do to have some online work from home dates with your peers. I found some amazing music to listen to while studying! For example, music without vocals, which doesn’t interrupt trains of thought (try the Deep Focus playlist on spotify). There even are websites out there that set you in the perfect studying mood and atmosphere. How about your Hogwarts house’s common room (try the ambient mixer)?

study with me work from home office discord server networking together physical social distancing

As autumn is coming along, don’t forget to make your home a little bit cosier if you can. While procrastinating, I reorganised my room and threw out so much stuff that I don’t need anymore. But some candles and my plants have not been a part of the decluttering. Having those around me helps me to stay calm during the last two months of my thesis. In case you have any more tips on how to stay focused on your studying or work during the darker seasons, let me and the others know in the comments!

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