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Welcome to my new blog about all things science, politics, and studying! For quite some time now, I have searched for an outlet for these topics, as well as my own experience with boosters for productivity, study tips, and co-working. The biggest problem when it comes to blogging is that there are certain niches you need to post about, otherwise you will not again see through the mess ─ and search engines won’t, either. As a person who is, and always has been, interested in the widest range of topics and activities, I have now finally created a new small space for another side of my life.

For those who do not know me yet…

Hello, my name is Jean and currently I’m in my third semester, working towards the Master’s degree in Communication Science & Research. I have thought about a new blog besides my travel blog for a long time. But the motivation to finally doing so I got in a study course focusing on communicational transfer between scientific research and a broader audience (instead of specialised journalists and peers only). Blogging has been a part of my life since, like, forever. As long as I can think back, I did creative writing. After some elapsed time, I found myself in a study subject closely related to writing, both in terms of journalism and science about communication. So here I am, still not caring about anyone’s comments on my writing style ─ yes, my texts need a lot of focus, and I never thought that would be a bad thing, or my problem ─ trying my best to share my passion and insights!

On this blog, you will find…

…my past experience, more or less. I have been a university student since 2012, as I started my first Bachelor’s in 2012, changed subjects in 2015 and got my Bachelor’s degree in 2018. I started my Master’s right after, meaning my ‘graduation’ was like any other day. So what to do with all the things I learned? What about all the papers I wrote, and all the experience I gained since being put into student groups at university since day one? Maybe you’ve guessed, that’s exactly what I want to change with this blog. Here, I want to share my experience with

  • theories and research in communication science, political sciences and other social sciences, and what to learn from it,
  • group-work and co-working, and how to master it,
  • special experiences like Model United Nations or moot courts, and how to ‘earn’ it,
  • all things related to studying (successfully, I hope), like productivity, working structured and sustainable, and basically getting through everything!

Besides the introduction, let me welcome you to comment your thoughts below my posts. You can also start a conversation via my social media, especially Instagram or LinkedIn. I am looking forward to constructive criticism, or to start a discussion!

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